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Research Projects

UCSF/USF Health Informatics Projects

The CADDI Lab and the USF MS in Health Informatics program began a partnership in 2020 to facilitate work on multiple health informatics projects. Current projects include;
1) Quality Improvement (QI) dashboards to track departmental quality and performance metrics,
2) Resource allocation optimization
3) Patient treatment workflow tracking dashboard


SDX Quality Improvement

Some radiotherapy patients are treated during a voluntary breath hold. SDX (Dyn'r Medical Systems, Aix-en-Provence, France) is a spirometry-based system used at UCSF Radiation Oncology to ensure consistent breath holds. This project analyzes patient breath holds to; 1) Produce QA reports from each treatment, and 2) Predict which patients are more likely to have inconsistent breath holds.

Conference Abstracts:

Nano T, Capaldi D, Feng M, Solberg T, Witztum A. Predicting Successful Voluntary Breath-Hold Candidates by Monitoring Breathing During Simulation, AAPM Annual Meeting, July 2020 

Nano TF, Feng M, Solberg TD, Witztum A. Identifying patients with inconsistent breathing patterns for increased monitoring during breath-hold treatment, ESTRO Annual Meeting, April 2020


Predicting patient-specific QA results

Patient-specific quality assurance (PSQA) measurements are crucial in order to judge the quality of a delivered treatment plan; however, PSQA requires significant clinical resources. Models have been built using results from Mobius3D (Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, CA), an independent dose calculation system, to identify a subset of plans that would fail PSQA and thus reduce the number of plans that require ion chamber (IC) measurement.

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Hasse K, Scholey J, Ziemer B P, Natsuaki Y, Morin O, Solberg T D, Hirata E, Valdes G, Witztum A. Using machine learning with an independent dose calculation system to reduce the number of physical dose measurements required for patient-specific quality assurance, International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, Submitted 2020

Conference Abstracts:

Hasse K, Ziemer BP, Hasse K, Natsuaki Y, Valdes G, Hirata E, Solberg TD, Scholey J, Witztum A. Using An Independent Dose Calculation System to Optimize Clinical Thresholds and Reduce the Number of Physical Dose Measurements Required for Patient-Specific Quality Assurance, AAPM Annual Meeting, July 2020 

Witztum A, Ziemer BP, Hasse K, Natsuaki Y, Valdes G, Hirata E, Solberg TD, Scholey J. Experience with an independent patient QA dose calculation system in multi-linac and TPS environment, ESTRO Annual Meeting, April 2020

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